"Childrens' minds are like sponges at a young age. We may as well then give them the truth from the start as opposed to a personified version of it. In this way, they will set a strong foundation of knowledge to build on, instead of having to start all over again later on in life." 
Chris Daniel


On having his first child, Chris Daniel was delighted to have the opportunity to teach the next generation all that was so special to him - nature and it's animals. In the search for bed-time stories to start this process, it very quickly became evident that the market is quite sparse in this department. Yes, there are childrens story books featuring animals, but in general, these animals are not behaving like the ones in the wild do...lions don't dance, hippos don't swan dive and antelope don't frollic through the fields!

With a lack of any help then from authors and authorities, Chris resumed to read "Hand Stories". A little something he was exposed to as a child from his mother, when for lack of a book, hands were simply joined together to represent the two halves of one, eyes moved from left to right and eventually down the one and then the other hand until a page turn was required. The hands were then closed and reopened and the process repeated.

He longed to give other children the opportunity to learn as his own children continue to. Now with many years of experience behind him in the African bush as a ranger, freelance writing and telling many a story, the skills have been acquired for this process to begin.

Bongi's Quest is the first in the series and is an "awareness creator" of the ridiculous slaughter of Rhinos in Africa and with this, the series has begun.

 A Page from Bongi's Quest

Bongi knew that the Vulture was the bushveld eye in the sky and set off to the cliffs to find him …”he would have seen who did it” thought Bongi.

Seeing Bongi approaching, Mr Vulture flew down from his cliff perch and listened to Bongi’s sad story.

“I did see something”, said Mr Vulture, “but it was not one of the Bushveld animals that did this”

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